Friday, April 19, 2013

Spray-Painted Beauties

 This desk has been sitting in our carport for MONTHS awaiting a fresh coat of paint.  Let's just say it had collected a LOT of grime in that amount of time.  Well, somehow we found the motivation to start sanding it and my husband did a fabulous job with the SPRAY PAINT!  Yes, I said spray paint!  I love it!

Here is another spray painted project that my husband undertook for the boys' room.  I desperately needed more storage since the boys clothes are taking up more room as they get older!  Three boys have a lot of clothes!  This was a hand-me-down from my brother and fits perfectly in the boys' closet!

And here is a photo of the boys' new color scheme.  These comforters and curtains were made from $4 sheets from walmart!  I've been meaning to get a photo of their room, but it is rarely clean enough!  This was a rare occasion and is still not perfect!  The boys love to display their artwork as you can see!  The bunk bed is positioned on the wall opposite this bed.  It is so much nicer for them to be in the bigger room.  They have more room to spread out!

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