Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We've Moved!

After praying for over a year for a bigger house, we are now renting a house that is roomier and has more room for the children to play outside!

There is a screened porch in back of the house...and a nice big back yard. We can't wait till this winter to use it more! Right now you just really want to stay inside!

But don't let the country setting fool you! We are postioned right next to the interstate! This next picture is taken from the carport! So we hear lots of trafffic, all hours of the day and night. They say you get used to it...I'm still waiting....
And we have already had one person run his SUV and trailer right off the interstate and into the fence that separates our yard fom the road!

All in all, this move has been a wonderful answer to prayer! Come visit any time!