Monday, August 15, 2011

Grandma's Quilt

One Summer I visited my Grandma Lydia Gingerich in Middlebury, IN and I remember her showing me her Friendship Quilt that she had made the year before she was married.  She would have been around 23 when the quilt was made.  I was fascinated by this quilt and all the work that was put into it, but also the memories of the sweet friends and family who so lovingly took time to embroider a square for her quilt. 

When my Grandma died last year, I knew that of all of my Grandma's things, I wanted that quilt the most!  It was connected to memories of spending time with my Grandma and the creativity that was passed down from her to all her daughters(five of them!) and granddaughters(all two of us!)  On my last trip I picked up the quilt and brought it home with me...I am so happy to have a piece of my Grandma!  I miss her still!  Enjoy these snapshots of the quilt...(click on the picture to see up close)


I have thought that making a quilt like this would be such a fun thing to do...but there are a couple problems: 1. No one embroiders anymore!  2. And how will I find friends willing to learn!  Just out of curiosity, I'm taking a poll...Do you embroider? and if not Would you be willing to learn?  This should be interesting...I will post the results!


  1. I have done embroidery and really like it, but lately I'm more into cross-stitch. The 'structured' side of me like the 'exactness' of the cross-stitch. It would be fun to do embroidery again though.


  2. I have embroidered, mostly cross stitch, though. But, it's been years!:-)

  3. I have never actually embroidered, but I think it is so pretty! I really should learn and teach my daughter at the same time!! :)

  4. i think i could still embroider, I like crosstitch better. The thread color is sooo beautiful. go for it Wynett!! mary k.

  5. So glad you could get Grandma's quilt! That is a treasure.

    So are you planning a friendship quilt? Of course I'll embroider a block for you! ( :