Monday, September 22, 2008

Florida Aquarium

Well, there is definitely something good about homeschooling! We got into the aquarium for $3.00 a person! Actually, there are lots of great things about homeschooling, but this is a monetary one. The boys are really into sharks and alligators and such, so this was just down their alley. We saw some pretty crazy things, like a goliath grouper, mini seahorses, and a fish that looked just like seaweed! Isn't our Creator amazing? The boys were in their element! (he reason I keep saying "the boys" is because we left Joanna with Grandma Nolt) I wish we would have a family picture, but the one that the aquarium took would have cost us $16! Yikes!

Anyway, enjoy some pictures of our day!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brendan J. Nolt

This post is dedicated to my WONDERFUL husband on his 29th birthday!

I just can't say enough about how I am BLESSED beyond measure with a husband who is SO good to me and the children!

My list for my dream husband included:

-a godly man with a passion for things of God

-a spiritual leader

-good singer


-someone who will stand up to my strong personality


-great character

-desire for excellence in all areas


I am blown away that God gave me a man who is above and beyond my expectations! In all areas but one: he is not tall. haha But at least he is taller than me and this was the least important thing on my list!

Brendan is very gentle and patient with us.

He is dedicated to discipling his family in the things of God.

He is passionate about reading and memorizing scripture with our family.

He helps me with practical things around the house.

He helps me take care of the children by dressing, feeding, playing, etc.
His greatest desire is to see his children have a relationship with Jesus.
He has a passion for good music.

These are just a few of the things he DOES, but I love him also because of who he IS:

-my best friend and confidante

-a lover of God's word






-patient (especially when I am grouchy)

-and the list could go on and on..but I suppose you are getting sick of all this...Brendan is not perfect..but he is the greatest man I know!

I love you, honey! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Birthdays and Summertime Blues

Ben turned 4 on August 24! We had a cake for him on his day, but we went to a kid's museum with the whole family for his and Kaelin's birthday (Jenn posted those pics). He is so thrilled to be 4!

Then we celebrated Joanna's 1st Birthday with the whole Gang on Saturday night! It was quite a wild party with all the running and shouting children!

Joanna just nonchalantly ate her cake as if nothing were different! She hardly even got messy!

We babysat for Kaelin and Reece on Friday while Randy's were on their cruise! The kids had a blast!

My handsome hubby making music...
and his handsome son learning the finer points of holding a violin (I never knew how difficult it is!)

Our oldest is finally learning to ride a bike on his own! And our school room is in mommy and daddy's room for now...They are really loving school! Ben and JJ are both starting Kindergarten!