Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome to my Summertime World

 I don't know why I thought Summer would be relaxing...It turned out to be very busy!  Not sure why!   We were in charge of VBS at our church with another couple, and that took a lot of my time.  Here are a few pictures:


 Brendan and I made some DINOSAURS for VBS..they were awfully cute...

This was the pre-paint look: 


I did have time for some other things... 
Such as...

Babysitting for my adorable new nephew...Grady!

 As well as some fun projects:

This photo was my INSPIRATION(Pinterest): 

Result: Below
Found Target t-shirts on sale for $5 so I bought two and did this:

 Another Project this summer: Making a case for my Kindle...
so fun!

We also switched the kids rooms around and repainted, etc.  This is Joanna's room...I know it's bright!

I had a lot of trouble getting good, accurate pictures...Believe me when I say it's cuter (is that a word?) in real life!

These things, along with swimming every week, and sleeping in, have made this a pretty nice summer so far!  We will continue to enjoy every minute until we hit the books again the end of August.  We will have children in Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grades...their teacher better get things together soon...!