Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Creative Tuesday

The kiddos each have their own towel and have had them since they were babies...I love them because they have hoods in them and those hoods can be used to hang them on hooks as well!  
 Another reason I love them is that they were made for me as baby gifts by friends!  They have sentimental value...BUT my kids have outgrown them.  At least the boys have.  My youngest son just found out today that he has a LOOSE TOOTH!  My baby has a loose tooth!  And so, we went to Target and bought some new towels...
 I sewed straps on them to hang them by...
 This project cost $12...Gotta love that! (I know these are beach towels, but is there a rule that you can't use beach towels for bath towels?  I didn't think so!) Oh and the boys love them!
 To keep my children occupied this summer, I have been trying to come up with some projects for them...Ben suggested making shirts with Hot Wheels on them...so I bought shirts at Michaels, Iron-on Paper at Walmart...and TaDa!  Total for 3 shirts= Approx. $10...(Could have gotten cheaper shirts at Goodwill, but they were not guaranteed to match)
To say the least, they are pretty thrilled!

And last but not least...The children made these for the special men in their lives for Father's Day!  They had a blast doing these classic popsicle stick crafts!  Fun fun...
(more Iron-on crafts to come...)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summertime....trying to stay cool

Ah the Fountains...We love coming here in the summer because they are open until 7:00 every nite.  It's so relaxing for Brendan and I to just sit and watch the kids play.  The picture below was 
two years ago...We are outgrowing the manatees!

Some Fun Wet Faces:

 Love the scenery: