Friday, April 10, 2009

"The Easter Story" by JJ

This is just too precious not to share with you! Enjoy!
See the palm branches and Jesus riding on a donkey?This is Jesus on the cross and the yellow clouds and brown lightning.
This is the stone rolled in front of the tomb.
This is the blinding light and the empty tomb.
This is the people seeing the risen Jesus!And this is Ben's Easter Egg truck!
Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A fresh look

Okay, so for the last 2 and a half years we have been sleeping with our mattresses on the floor. The reason being that we needed to refinish and patch the gouges that were made during the move back from IN. So, we thought, "let's not put the bed up until we fix it'! Ha! So there it set all this time! Finally last week, I said, "Brendan, can't we just paint it!?" We had wanted to strip and restain it, but that was a HUGE mountain! I told him I would help sand it and we could just DO IT! SO we did, and we finished it yesterday! It's such a wonderful feeling to have it done! It used to be a blondish stain, but I never really liked the color a whole lot(we did it ourselves). I really like the black, it's like having a whole new bedroom!

I have to admit that it was weird sleeping up off the ground. I did NOT sleep very well last night! haha
We had some friends visit from IN. They went to Sunrise Chapel with us. Kenny and Anna were having kids the same time as us. And when I say the same time, I mean the SAME TIME! Here is a picture of all eight of our kids. L to R is Ben and Will, both 4, Kyra and Joanna, both 1 and a half, Sam and Leah, both 3, and JJ and McKenna, both 6 (4 days apart!)
Here is Kyra trying to kiss Joanna! How cute is that!?

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's a "Kaelin" Day

My boys love their cousin Kaelin! We had Kaelin over for most of the day yesterday and they just played and played! Here is JJ pushing her on the swing!
We had a tent set up in our backyard so they were playing "animals" in it! Doesn't that look fun?
Time to color!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Greats

I am so glad that my children have had a chance to know their Great Grandparents. (the picture above is Brendan's Grandma Martha cleaning strawberries!) I love having my Grandparents here in the winter months, but they are leaving today, so we went and said goodbye last night. I took some cute pics of them with the children.

Speaking of the children, I am constantly amazed at how cute my kids can be. Sorry, I AM biased! Like when Sam tells me in the sweetest voice, "Mommy, I'm putting my feet on your seat!(in the van, which he is not supposed to do!), it is so hard to be upset with him. Or when he makes up his little songs like, "I'm a little cloud for Jesus."

Or when JJ (6yrs) just wants to "Cuddle" with me, I could just die and go to heaven, it's such a wonderful feeling! He also loves to draw pictures for me.

Or when Ben, out of the blue, looks at me and says, "Mommy looks pretty"(which he does quite often), my heart just melts! Ben also has a knack for big words, like last night when he said, "There is disgusting pee all over the floor in there!" That is another story in itself! But those kinds of things happen all the time at our house! It's a constant party!

While all these things are wonderful and true, don't get the idea that our lives are perfect! I tend to get frustrated way too easily sometimes with their little antics. I suppose anyone who has been around children can understand this! Anyway, enjoy the pics!