Monday, September 3, 2012

Craft Nite

 So, we know we are old if we are having a "Craft Nite", right?  Haha!  I just can't quite imagine myself doing this in my single days!  Now we just crave some quiet sit-down time with friends of the adult kind!
We had fun making Coasters and Headbands while our hubbies were playing Wallyball.  What is Wallyball, you say? Find out here or here

 The link for the tutorial for the Coasters we made is found here.

 What fun...they turned out really nice!  Might make good gifts...hmmm
 We also made headbands...the tutorial is here.

 As you can see, we weren't all that quiet, but it was relaxing!  Thanks gals for a fun nite!

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