Friday, September 7, 2012

Birthday Girl's Nite

 For JoJo's birthday, all the "Miller" ladies went out for supper at Olive Garden and shopping...
We don't do this very often, so we enjoyed ourselves! 

 JoJo and Kaelin posing with her new backpack from Aunt Jenn...So cute!
 Oh, and one male came to dinner...Grady!  I think he was getting tired of our ceaseless chatter...Poor guy.  His daddy rescued him for the rest of the evening.
 Avery is playing peek-a-boo...sweetie-pie....
 She's cracking herself up!
 Not sure how I missed getting a picture of Aunt Jessica and myself, but here is the shirt Jessica bought Jojo while we were shopping, and behind her is the tent she picked out.  Fun, fun, birthday stuff!

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