Saturday, March 17, 2012

The NEW Strawberry Jam

For years now I have been searching for the perfect strawberry jam recipe.  I've tried cooked, uncooked, low-sugar, regular sugar, extra sure jell, you name it!  I never really like how it turns out.  Usually it's too runny.  Last time it was a complete disaster!  Well, this year I happened to stumble upon an recipe that was used by my friend Amber.  And the best part is, it uses INSTANT CLEAR JEL, so NO COOKING is involved!  Also it used 1/2 THE SUGAR so you can actually taste the strawberries!   So, today after we picked 75 quarts of strawberries in 1 hour, I decided to try this recipe.  So far, I LOVE it!  Here is the recipe:
2 1/2 c. sugar
5TBSP + 1 tsp Instant Clear Jel
5 c. crushed strawberries

Mix the sugar and clear jel well.
Add to the berries and mix well.
Let set for 10 minutes.  Fill jars. 
Freeze or refrigerate.


  1. The only kind of strawberry jam I've made that has turned out has been what you're posting about--freezer jam! I have to use the less sugar variety of Sure Jell--the pink box. I don't know why. The cooked variety just turns out icky and syrupy, and the sugar clumps in the bottom of the jar. Nasty!! I'm glad you found a recipe that works for you!

  2. That sounds good and easy!! Might have to bookmark this page!! :) Thanks~