Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Love Baby Wipes

 So let me just say that I am on this DIY(do it yourself) kick right now.  Any way to make something myself and save money, I am all about it!  I have made the homemade laundry soap, and love that!  I paid not quite $20 for FOUR MONTHS of soap!  I estimate I saved $30-$50!  I have substituted vinegar for softener and saved another chunk of $$.  I also use vinegar as a rinse aid in the dishwasher...the jury is still out on that one.

I have also been researching homemade body soap and shampoo recipes.  I bought some unscented castile bar soap and want to experiment making my own body wash.

I also use quite a few baby wipes in this house even though I don't have any babies in diapers any more (PTL)!  I have seen this recipe for homemade wipes on different blogs and have wanted to try it, so I finally got around to it.

The first thing I did was go to Big Lots and buy the containers... Then I admit to trying this recipe with cheap Sparkle paper towels...NO GO!  I had to throw them all out...but it wasn't a big loss.  I went and bought Bounty and it was well worth it!  I adjusted the recipe slightly to meet my needs.  It seemed a little too soapy for me.  So this is what I ended up with:
2 1/4 cup water
1 TBSP baby shampoo/wash
1 TBSP baby oil

First you cut the paper towel roll in half (for pictures, see the link above).  I used an electric knife and it worked GREAT!  I mixed up the ingredients and poured them in the container, then placed the half paper towel roll in, cut side down.  I let the water soak at least half way up the roll, then put the lid on and flipped it over.  After it was completely soaked, I removed the cardboard center and pulled the towels from the center and we were in business!  They are really nice!  Thanks again to my friend Jen for inspiring me!

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