Thursday, December 29, 2011

Laundry Soap Update

 Back on October 29 I posted about the Laundry soap that I made from this recipe.  I originally started out with about 16 cups of Soap (the above container plus the below container.)

Today I still have the above container that I haven't touched, and this much(below) left of the original container!

When I added them together I have this much (below) left of my original batch that I made TWO MONTHS ago!

As you can see, I have been keeping track of the scoops I've used. (the black marks on the lid)

Conclusion After 2 Months of Use:
I have used a little over half of the soap and gotten 125 scoops out of it.  Which translates to 250 Tablespoons or 125 potential loads.  I say 125 "potential" because I sometimes used a scoop and a half for really dirty loads.
How did it work: I have not really noticed any difference in the way it cleans.  It seems to work great!  
What would I do differently next time: 1.I would cut up the soap much finer, because sometimes I still had chunks of undissolved soap when the load was finished.  2. I would use all-natural, unscented soap because of my sensitive skin.
Overall, I LOVE this soap and will continue to make it!  I spent less than $20 and it is going to last me over 3 months!  
Also, I have been using just White Vinegar instead of Fabric Softener, and it works great.  I never used scented softener anyway, because I have sensitive skin.  It comes out without any strong scent, just a fresh scent, and that is fine with me!  It is a cheap and natural alternative to softener! 


  1. I have the same problem with clumps. Do you use a food processor? Do you put your vinegar in at the start or in the rinse cycle. I was making my own but I got lazy in October and started buying again. Need to get back into it again!

  2. I tried making my own laundry detergent once, heh heh. My sister in law and I got together and used a recipe very similar to yours, except without the washing soda. It worked so-so, but I ended up strongly disliking the smell of fels naphtha! Really, any laundry smells bother me--I have a sensitive nose. And I had chunks of soap too because of the coarser grate we used. But anyway, your jar is totally cute, and your tic marks remind me of the time I kept track of how many loads of dishes I could wash with my favorite DW detergent. Maybe our counting nerdiness comes from the same Gingerich genes!

  3. I've heard that if you grate the soap and then refrigerate/freeze it, then grate it again (I use a food processor), it will be nice and small pieces.

    I plan to use castile soap next time in place of is organic and comes in fragrance free (which I will probably use) or other scents.

    Haha about the nerdy genes! I am not ashamed! heehee

  4. Oh and I use the vinegar in the rinse cycle...I put it in the softener dispenser...

  5. Where do you get the Castile? I have the same problem with the Fels Naptha smell. Good idea on the vinegar, I'm going to try that!