Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Spirit

We were gone most of last week and weekend at a Prison Crusade.  We had 6 services and were left feeling emotionally and physically drained while feeling spiritually charged.  We got home Sunday nite and spent the next day and a half getting laundry done and preparing to leave again!
Tuesday afternoon my honey and I went on an excursion to St. Pete Beach, we found an awesome deal for a beachfront hotel on Priceline ($49!) We had a wonderful time relaxing in the 75 degree weather!  (This is why people flock to FL in the winter)  

That evening we went to see Celtic Woman in Clearwater (Ruth Eckerd Hall).  Brendan had bought me tickets for my birthday (in October).  They sang Christmas music and it was FABULOUS!  They had a complete orchestra with them and I thought everything was HEAVENLY!   They only have three ladies right now, plus the violinist but it was still lovely.


They also sang this one...  Probably my favorite!  

So, now I am home and feel ready to get into the Christmas season and spirit!  Let the Holidays commence!

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