Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas at Our House

So, this is Christmas, Nolt-Style...

 Today Joanna "helped" me make some apple pies and then she had to sit and watch them bake (this only lasted a few minutes).  Her dolly and kitty had to watch too.
 Here is a sneak peak at our pies. 
 And here is a sneak peak at some Christmas decorations around the house...

 The banner above, was a pinterest idea, as was the front-door wreath...

 The primitive wood nativity, that i love(above) and the Little People nativity that joanna loves(below)

 Another pinterest idea (above)...chalkboard nametags...!
 Ritz PB Crackers!(above) and Puppy Chow(below)

 Monster Cookies (above) and Molasses Cookies (below) (Not pictured:Frosted Sugar and Andes mint) lol
 Oh, and these buttery Press Cookies!  MMMM
So, that is a little of Christmas with the Nolts....(Disclaimer: I could not have made all those cookies without Mom Nolt's help!!)  Can't wait to get together with Family and share all of these goodies!


  1. Love your Christmas decorations! The burlap wreath is beautiful! The pies and cookies look delish. Hope ya'll have a very Merry Christmas!!

  2. Love it all, too! And the pictures of Jo-Jo sitting in front of the oven brought back sweet memories of my daughters doing that quite a few years ago!