Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sense of Accomplishment

Don't you love the sense of accomplishment you feel after you complete a project or task that took some effort?  I am feeling pretty good about myself right now because I just accomplished the project of making laundry soap!  I saw this idea and recipe on Twila's blog and thought "I really need to try this!"  It was really simple to do but it feels good knowing that I saved some money and I can't wait to see how it works for me!

 Another sense of accomplishment comes from the painting of this chest of drawers.  I have been needing to replace the old chest of drawers that I kept in the kitchen to hold cookbooks, stationery, tools, batteries, etc.  It was so bad it was giving me splinters!  So I found this vintage beauty at GW for a steal, only it was a speckled light green!  Straight form the 70's!  So my dear husband spray-painted it for me.  Can't believe how nice it turned out.  I am considering painting a design on it like the one in the photo to the right.
What do you think?


  1. Winnie,
    I love your projects and your blog:) so artistic and inspiring- keep up the good work! Your daughter looks so much like your momma- reminds me of her- Love to you and yours:) Frances

  2. I have a friend that makes her own laundry soap & after she grates the bar of soap she puts it in the freezer for a little bit then puts it in her food processor & makes it real fine. This is a project I want to try some time :)

  3. Awesome!! I am loving my soap, so far! Every time I open my laundry doors, the smell washes over me!! :) Next time around, I am thinking of adding some lavender soap for a different scent! :)

    Love the stenciling on the dresser!!

  4. I have made laundry soap a few times, it works great. Although, someone told me if your water is at all hard you need to put white vinegar in your fabric softener dispenser. I guess it can make your clothes and washer scummy. I love the dresser, I say go for the design.

  5. Love the laundry soap and the dresser, I second the motion to go for the design! Praying for your family and hope Brendan will recover miraculously fast!