Monday, October 24, 2011

More Pinterest-ing Stuff

So here are some more inspirations from Pinterest 
I was looking for some simple but pretty snack ideas for a party I was having, so I skedaddled over to Pinterest and found these cuties!  What a great idea for Valentine's Day, but also could be modified for other holidays/occasions!

I decided to make them with a Fall theme...They were so cute and Yummy!  I made them with a brownie mix in a mini-muffin pan.  Then I bought white icing and added food coloring.  This was very simple and inexpensive.  I could have made it from scratch, but I was looking for a quick and easy idea.

 The next idea I found on Pinterest was this cute mini veggie cup n dip.  I just HAD to try this!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the clear cups in the mini size, so I did white ones.  It was so fun and handy!

The food was fun and pretty, and the only negative part of the party was that not enough people came to enjoy it!

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