Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keeping the Little One Entertained

I have been getting all kinds of fantastic craft ideas on 
It's a virtual Bulletin Board where you can post your ideas and things you find all over the web.  And you can  also look at what others post.  Great stuff.  So I found this little notebook cover thing for a child and I decided to try to make one for Joanna to take to church, restaurants, or anywhere she has to sit for very long.

I started with a quilted pillow sham that I picked up at Goodwill and hadn't found a good use for, and some scrap fabric from a dress I had made for Joanna.

 I cut off a section of the pillow sham and sewed on the pockets, trying to only sew through the lining, and not the quilted cover.  I cut a slit in the lining where the tablet could slide through, and sewed a ribbon around the slit so it wouldn't tear any more. 

 I sewed ribbons on to close it, and Ta-Da!  A very fast and easy project. 

Oh, and she adores it!

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  1. Could you tell me where to find the original post?