Friday, September 2, 2011

Made it Through Week Two!

 So this is our School Room...Really it's a corner of our bedroom that we use for school this year.  I found that at the kitchen table there were way too many distractions.  This has been working out pretty well.  The two that are not in the school room at the time are supposed to play very NICELY together and not interrupt!  Surprisingly it's going very well...  I'm actually having more trouble with the DOG!  He can't quite understand why he's not allowed to join us! 
Sam is doing First Grade work this year and Joanna is doing some preschool stuff to keep her busy.  She just wants to be involved too.
 They are really loving it so far.  Sam says, "Are we done ALREADY?"

This year JJ and Ben are studying Countries and Cultures, and this week we were supposed to make a globe cake...It was really mommy who did most of it, but it was kinda fun.  We are studying maps and globes right now and this is a good hands-on project.

 (I'm trying to figure out why Ben's eyes aren't opening  =))

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  1. Looks interesting and fun! Makes me miss those elementary years of teaching.