Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nolt Trip Part 3

These are pictures of some of the friends we got to visit while in Indiana....This crazy bunch is our kids and Dan and Ada's kiddos...obviously Christian is not impressed!  We got to know Dan's when we lived in Harlan.  A very special family!  Below is a picture of the 2 Jeremiah's...I think this is so cute!
Next we visited a friend from college, Jeni Potter and her sweet family!  This is all the kiddos except the youngest, Evie, is napping....  Zane, Liam, Jeremiah, Sam, Ben, Joanna, Owen, and Kate....Love this family! 
  Had to take a couple pictures up in the cute playroom...
  On the way to Middlebury, we stopped in Warsaw/Winona Lake to see the College I attended and to visit my friend/roommate Melissa Barrette and her precious babies, Cora and Olivia!  I had fun squeezing them and visiting in their adorable house!  What fun to reconnect!

 There were a lot of changes at Grace since I was there last.  For example, the old gym was completely GONE!  Weird... 
 I came to Alpha...where I lived for two years...and I was shocked to see the ROCK was gone too! 
 I still love that town and the memories I made there!
This picture is a blast from the past, taken the end of my Freshman year in front of Alpha...

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