Monday, August 1, 2011

Nolt Trip Part 2

Visiting the cousins is always a highlight for our kids!  They had so much fun together as you will see!  The weekend we were in Ft. Wayne, Lindsey had AllStar Softball Games all weekend!  We got to see our oldest niece in action!  She is a GREAT pitcher, batter and cheerleader for her team! 
 It was also VERY HOT while we were there, so one day we took the kids swimming while Lindsey was at a game...

They kept themselves entertained for quite a while...Very relaxing for Brendan and I!

 Oh little Libertie!  You are such a joy and delight!  I loved holding you and putting you to sleep!  I will miss you! 

The last night we were there, we went out to eat...these silly kiddos rode in our van...

 Their last nite together we let them sleep in the same room!  And believe it or not they actually SLEPT!
 Getting in one last game of kickball before we headed out...
 Getting in one last squeeze!
Note: I'm not sure how I neglected to take a picture of Doug and Sheri...SORRY!

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