Friday, May 28, 2010

Garden Update

Just this afternoon I thought it was time to update the garden's growth, so I went out to take pictures. While outside, I was drawn to the beautiful and interesting things growing in our yard. I love the roses and how they are growing so fast ever since I majorly pruned them.
This is one of those "interesting" things that is growing in our yard. And yes, I am admitting that we are white trash. We need to throw that bike away, but least it is growing BEHIND the shed!

Have you ever seem a Lawn mower growing in a bed of beautiful vines? Well, you have now! At least this one belongs to our landlord!
I'm amazed at the growing things in our garden! It's amazing how fast they have sprouted!I believe these are my beans...
Already got some Tomatoes comin! Is there anything more beautiful than this? By the way, I never realized how wonderful a tomato plant can smell!
I can't wait till there are watermelon on this vine!
Somewhat pathetic looking cornstalks...
Two varieties of tomato
The pumpkin vines that are taking over!

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