Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lazy Daze

We had a lovely, lazy 4th of July....Brendan's brother Andy was in town and the kids had fun tackling and hanging all over him! It was very warm, but there was a breeze to help keep us cool, as long as we didn't move! The kids enjoyed keeping cool in the little pool that had some issues standing up right!

We went to a park downtown to watch the fireworks and it was amazing how being that close to the bayfront gave us a much nicer breeze! The men/kids played kickball, raced, & rolled down the hill while we waited!I got some corn at Target last week for 10/$1! What a steal! I should have gotten more! My wonderful boys helped by shucking it! How sweet!And my precious little girl was copying her brothers by making gun noises with this squirt gun...oh boy...

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