Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New York! New York?

Our Family in Times Square (above)

Let's just say that I was not expecting this trip to be so hard on me. I have been to New York twice before, so I knew somewhat what to expect. But I've never been to New York with four young children and leading a Youth group as well! It was hectic, and stressful, but the children were troopers. It was the hardest on Joanna I think. She's used to getting two naps a day and we were gone almost all day without ONE nap! I have a very strong-willed daughter(wonder where she got that!) who fights sleep. I have to admit that I did use some "sleep aid" a couple of times. You'll see why later...

Here is Sam being silly...he did a lot of this...he loved being the center of attention

Here we are at the American Museum of Natural History. What an amazing place!
Here are some beautiful windows at the museum.
Outside the museum
We spent this evening in Manhattan without the youth, so we let the kids tromp around in Central park...
A castle in Central park
Grand Central Station
A church
Me as a muslim...when we visited the mosque...definitely not my look...
This is why we used the "sleep aid"

The next minute she was happy again!The youth bought these hats and the boys loved wearing them...

In Battery Park
Going home!
This trip was a great time over all, but very hard work for us. I don't regret taking the kids though! I wanted them to experience this with us. If we can't do "ministry" with our kids, then I don't want to do it! The youth definitely had their eyes opened and their world expanded. We learned a lot about prayer and the power of planting a seed. I learned a lot about serving without seeing the fruits or the results. I did get to stay home with the kids two days. If I wouldn't have, I wouldn't have made it! Thank you God for your grace!


  1. Thanks for sharing about your trip, Wynette. Love all the matching t-shirts in the last picture! ;) Great point about including your kids in ministry. Soon they will be able to be right in there with the other teens and you'll look back on this time when they were young and will probably miss it. =)

  2. It's okay to use the "sleep aid." Ask Grandma G. what she did for your mommy many years ago. It's still a cute story. Can't believe you were in NY with a whole group of youth and your family! What a huge trip! God bless you all. Love, Aunt Ruby