Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Easter, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Bloody Lips and Violins

There are a few things I thought worthy of blogging about, so I will try to cram them into one post! First, have you ever had a friend who loves you unconditionally? Someone who understands you and accepts you, and you feel completely comfortable being yourself around(besides your husband)?
Well, guess what, I have two of those kind of "bosom" friends! Natalie is my college roommate and Christa is her best friend from high school who also went to college with us. I just went to visit them in Minnesota a couple weekends ago and had a fabulous time. We had all lost touch somewhat over the years because none of us are very good at that. So we had a good time catching up. I decided that I have been crippled by them. I know that sounds funny, but in a sense, I have, because now I view each new friendship in the light of these others. And that is not really fair. We had three years to live together and form our friendship, and now I have a husband and a family and don't have near the time to form new friendships! I really miss that kind of friendship, and so I was very refreshed seeing them again. (this picture below is at college)
And now each of us has a little daughter to be minis of us! Natalie's Sophia was born in Aug, 2007. Joanna was born Sept 2007. And Christa's Freya was born Oct. 2007! We visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum while we were in Minn. It was quite an adventure!
And...a few days agao, Sam was messing around in his bed (when he was supposed to be napping) and bumped his lip on the bed. It bled EVERYWHERE and I got all lightheaded and thought I was going to pass out! (Which is rather abnormal for me, but I had just been reading Jenn's blog about Kaelin's surgery and she almost fainted...)) But it stopped bleeding, and he was a trooper. He looks kinda cute though, dontcha think?
We had a lovely Easter together with my family and Brendan's parents. It was nice to combine our Easter with the Nolts since we are the only Nolt kids in FL.I tried to take this picture of the children on Good Friday, but Ben just didn't want to smile. It's cute anyway though, huh?And Finally, the violin recital! The end of the school year recital is when they get their medal! JJ was so excited! He did a great job! And the kiddos were eager to help celebrate!

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