Friday, December 26, 2008

To Whom it May Concern: I figured out why the comments weren't showing, so I am happy! I have imported all my old posts and am going to delete my other blog. Why have two blogs when I barely have time for one!? But this one will stay the same!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Georgia

Mom and Dad took the whole family to a cabin in GA for Christmas! We had a fabulous time! The kids ran wild (just kidding) and the adults stayed up till all hours enjoying the fellowship, not to mention the hot tub and lots of food!

Brendan entertaining the munchkins, Reece, Ben and Kaelin

Mom and Dad up past their bedtime

Playing Monopoly

Crazy kids eating Jessica's yummy homemade pizza

Brendan and I

Randy and Jenn

Playing "golf", looks exciting, huh?

Getting ready to open those gifts!!

JoJo taking steps to JJ

Putting babies "ni-night"

Reece and Rod

Aunt Jessica

On the Christmas train

Here comes Santa Claus!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Fresh Beginning

I was having issues with my old blog, so I changes its name and created a new one! If you would like to view any old posts, go to

Hopefully this new blog will allow comments! I just didn't have the patience to mess with it any more! It might not really matter since not a whole lot of people comment anyway! haha

We are enjoying the holidays very much! We went on a trip to Indiana at Thanksgiving time and we were SO glad to get back to the mild weather of FLORIDA! These are a few pics from the trip:

In Ft. Wayne, I saw my college friend, Jeni. L to R, Liam, Joanna, Ben, Sam, Owen, Kate

Since this picture, Jeni had her fourth child, Zane.

We also saw our freinds, Ruben & Miriam Miller. Here I am with Miriam, Krista, Joanna and Deanna

We stayed with Brendan's brother, Doug and Sheri. Our kids had a blast together. Here are JJ and Ally trying to get a ride. It's not working too well. The horse was uncooperative!

Time for a snuggle with Uncle Brendan.

Helping Lindsey with her homework!

JJ is giving a violin concert to Ben, Sam, Lindsey, Cameron, Allison, Rachel and Leroy.

In Middlebury, we had Thanksgiving with my mom's family, the Gingeriches. Every time we are together, teh men sing the star and the wisemen. Here they are singing, and here are Krista, Aunt Ruby and Joyce singing the ladies part. Grandpa and Grandma are listening.

The Gingeriches are blessed with LOTS of children. Here, Kaiya and JJ are goofing off.

On our way home we stopped in to see Brendan's other brother Andy! He lives in , Due West, SC and the kids love him!

We just got back last night from a great weekend with the Miller's (my parents and brothers' families) at a cabin in GA. I will post those pics soon!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blog Problems

I have been having trouble with my comment box not showing! So this is a test post! This is only a test.