Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Georgia

Mom and Dad took the whole family to a cabin in GA for Christmas! We had a fabulous time! The kids ran wild (just kidding) and the adults stayed up till all hours enjoying the fellowship, not to mention the hot tub and lots of food!

Brendan entertaining the munchkins, Reece, Ben and Kaelin

Mom and Dad up past their bedtime

Playing Monopoly

Crazy kids eating Jessica's yummy homemade pizza

Brendan and I

Randy and Jenn

Playing "golf", looks exciting, huh?

Getting ready to open those gifts!!

JoJo taking steps to JJ

Putting babies "ni-night"

Reece and Rod

Aunt Jessica

On the Christmas train

Here comes Santa Claus!

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  1. Love the pics. What a fun time! I need a copy of the family pic sometime.