Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Birthdays and Summertime Blues

Ben turned 4 on August 24! We had a cake for him on his day, but we went to a kid's museum with the whole family for his and Kaelin's birthday (Jenn posted those pics). He is so thrilled to be 4!

Then we celebrated Joanna's 1st Birthday with the whole Gang on Saturday night! It was quite a wild party with all the running and shouting children!

Joanna just nonchalantly ate her cake as if nothing were different! She hardly even got messy!

We babysat for Kaelin and Reece on Friday while Randy's were on their cruise! The kids had a blast!

My handsome hubby making music...
and his handsome son learning the finer points of holding a violin (I never knew how difficult it is!)

Our oldest is finally learning to ride a bike on his own! And our school room is in mommy and daddy's room for now...They are really loving school! Ben and JJ are both starting Kindergarten!

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  1. Enjoyed the pictures. Can Joanna really be one already?

    I love the school room...I really enjoyed teaching Caedmon last year.

    Way to go on that bike Jeremiah!