Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Blog

I can't really say what motivated me to start this new blog, especially since I don't exactly have a lot of time on my hands. But I have a lot of friends and relatives who are "bloggers", and I was tired of Xanga anyway.

Life at the Nolt house is busy as usual, but one new thing is that Jeremiah has started violin lessons! And let me tell you, it is probably the cutest thing you've ever seen! But it is also hard work for a 5 year old. His teacher is great, but very particular about how he stands, holds his hands, etc. It's SO good for him! (by the way, this picture was taken BEFORE any lessons)

We are also going camping this weekend! (Remember, we live in Florida) I can't believe I let Brendan talk me into taking all four kids camping... in a tent! But, really, it should be kinda fun. We are going with some other couples from our church. I just hope it doesn't get too hot!

So, that is a brief update of our lives. Maybe I will update again soon, if I can find time in between feeding, dressing, disciplining, changing diapers, taking someone potty, breaking up a fight...you get the picture.


  1. Wow that is one cute little boy with his violin. Glad for the update. Hope the camping goes well. And wow, Hope it doesn't get TOO hot for you. Choke choke, cough, cough.

    Love from Indiana...where it is finally warming up after a very long winter.

  2. Love your new site, Wynette. Now you need to keep updating it so we can keep tabs on you. :)

    Great to see you a few weeks ago.