Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blue Boys and Birthdays

My most recent bargain is these blue striped comforters I got at Target for $10 each! Gotta love it! My boys sure do! They are nice and cozy (we don't like to use the word Cramped) in their little bedroom. I love the above picture of Jeremiah because you can see his little sign he put up. It says"Sparky, whale and teddy, and Jeremiah Nolt and tiger sleep here!" Along with an arrow so you know exactly where they sleep! Love it!

Sam cannot be parted from his "blankie"
Ben looks like he's fallen into a mass of blue blanket and can't get out!
Lotsa blue stripes!
Sam had a birthday yesterday and was pretty excited about his cake! It was nothing special but he didn't care! It was especially for HIM! I love his little smile! We also celebrated with my family last week because my brother Rod and Sam have the same birthday! We got to choose what day to have Sam's birth so we chose Rod's birthday because Rod always complains how we don't give his birthday much attention because it is so close to Christmas! haha But now, we can't ignore it anymore!

Monday, December 7, 2009

SO Ready For Christmas!

Ready for the family get-togethers, ready for the Christmas programs, ready for the glowing Christmas tree and the prettily wrapped presents. Ready for the Christmas cards from across the miles, ready for holiday baking and the Christmas carols! All to celebrate our SAVIOR"S BIRTH! Hope all of you have a joyous Christmas season!